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N.U.F Volleyball Club
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N.U.F. Volleyball Club

About Us

Mission Statement
While there's no perfect formula for choosing and evaluating a club, young players always benefit from an environment where coaches, family, and teammates are committed to providing a positive atmosphere that allows them to improve their game in an enjoyable way.

At N.U.F. Volleyball Club you will get the training necessary to improve your volleyball skills. Whether you are wanting to make your high school team, pursue a career after high school, or just improve your game. We do offer the chance to be seen by collegiate coaches.

We believe that every athlete deserves a chance to play volleyball. Winning is everything, but so is getting an opportunity for playing time. So, when you are struggling to find that right volleyball club for your daughter, please keep in mind it's up to them how they want to pursue the sport of volleyball.

If you are not having fun while you play the sport, please don't come to N.U.F. Volleyball Club because we base our club on having fun and learning the sport. We do not discriminate nor do we care what school team you play for because we are not a political club. We just want athletes who love the sport of volleyball. So please join us for a season and see what we are all about...until then see you in the gym!